Why Birth At Home?


Pioneer Midwifery is committed to helping women experience birth in the safety, comfort and privacy of your own home, with no unnecessary interventions.

Studies have repeatedly shown that homebirth, for low-risk mothers with an experienced practitioner, results in better outcomes for mother and baby.

Despite many benefits, birth at home is not for everyone. Homebirth is for those women/couples who are low risk, healthy, are willing to become educated and maintain a good diet. They must also communicate with their midwife in order to facilitate a healthy pregnancy and positive birth outcome.

Homebirth is for those who desire privacy and want a family centered birth with attentive, loving care from their midwife.

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"Just as a women's heart knows how and when to pump, her lungs to inhale, and her hand to pull back from fire, so she knows when and how to give birth." - Virginia Di Orio




Kirsten Gerrish is a direct-entry midwife, certified by the State of Alaska . She provides care for women wishing to give birth out of the hospital.

Kirsten Gerrish"Before starting as a midwife, I worked both as a doula (www.dona.org) and as a Bradley Natural Childbirth Educator (www.bradleybirth.com). My goal is to help women birth in whatever way they wish, with the least amount of intervention possible. I believe women should birth surrounded by people who love them and in an evironment and atmosphere that the woman choses. This allows the woman to fully relax and let the birth unfold as it needs to."